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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Goals This Summer

Dear all
I am making this blog to inspire me to reach my goals. My goal started is not just weight loss but also to get toned. I lost 10 kgs and became muscley and toned but I have slipped off this track and now I need to get back in the game. I have made it my goal this summer to get fit, tanned and toned. I thought having a blog even if no one reads it will help me achieve this. I will be posting with pictures off food I had that day, my exercise routine and what else I have changed. 
I am very excited about starting up this journey! I can't wait until I reach my goal. Also I will be posting pictures of myself pre-weight loss and post weight loss then also hopefully more pictures as I get more toned.
More Soon

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hello Hello
This is just my daily blog about food exercise and drinks I have had.

  • 1 cup of Green Smoothie-: This is with Spanich, kiwifruit, orange, carrots, apples, Mustard Leaves and Water.
  • 1/4 cup Oats with one slice of dried mango
I had about 500ml of water between breakfast and MT.

Morning Tea
  • Protein shake: 2 oranges, 30g vanilla of whey protein powder with water
  • Chicken salad with nuts and 4 vitawheet cracker
  • Apple
Afternoon tea
  • Banana
  • Black Coffee
  • Black eyed bean Curry
  • Cauliflower
  • Salad-: cucumber, lettuce, spinich and carrots with nuts
  • Chicken
  • Green beans

My Weightloss Progress Highs and Lows Photos

Hello Again
So day 2 of writing my blog and I feel super duper good. Today I think I am ready to share my before photos. I know they aren't really a before and after as such because I am not done yet. Also I want my after photo to be super duper toned. Also I only took a before of my stomach and thighs thinking I didn't really have much to loose else where. Little did I know then.... 
But this blog is devoted to my stomach, my problem area,check out my progress.
At my heaviest-: 64kg and unhappy
 December 2011 
This was me after I had started eating healthy and started exercise
57kg, full of energy and happy
February 2012
I will be doing another detailed blog about my eating habits to get from the 1st photo to the 2nd photo.
I was so happy by February 2012. I was able to go to the beach and know I looked good. Also all my clothes became too big. I went on a shopping spree in Australia while I was over there on holiday.  I looked so much better in everything. I loved it. 

April 2012
55kg and loving myself
This was me in April 2012. I know I looked good. I was so happy with myself. I was getting more and more into exercise and eating healthy. I was on top of the world. I had also started doing resistance training for legs and arms. I was at my ideal weight and I was very happy. However mid way through April I got very sick and I lost 2 kg. I had a terrible case of gastroenteritis. I had this until the end of April  It was terrible. I could barely eat and all that I ate was all expelled out. I also looked very sick and I lost all my muscle. As I started recovering from this, I started eating normally again however I didn't get back into exercise. I had lost the drive to workout. I also began eating unhealthy again, I wasn't as bad as where I was at the beginning but it was getting bad. I tried to exercises here and there but barely had time due to my busy life and I didn't make time for it. I started gaining weight again.
End of August 2012

It was in August that I decided I was not going back the the person I was at the start of my journey. I couldn't let myself. So I started on my weight loss journey again but this time it wasn't just about loosing weight and becoming skinney. I wanted to become fit. My thispiration had turned into fitspiration. I wanted to be fit, healthy and sexy. From then till now I have been on this path. I know I don't always get it right. I give in and eat something unhealthy now and then because lets face it we can't deprive ourselves too much. But I eat healthy most days and have cheat days once in awhile. I am now gaining muscle and everyone had been commenting on how fit I have become. I will be posting pictures of my current self soon with arms and legs and stomach too. Hopefully one day I can have a before picture and then after picture up next to each other. 
More soon